Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Stress-Reduction Stations

The holidays can be a very stressful time, even for teens. Today and tomorrow, we invite all of our health classes, and any students off during a free or lunch period to come to the library and spend some time at our stress-reduction stations.  We have something for everyone.

Stress-reduction stations set up and in action

Before the students arrive

Thursday, November 16, 2017


Here's another #tbt for Mepham's 80th Anniversary! This one is from the 1949 Treasure Chest (Mepham's yearbook).

Library Club from the Treasure Chest, 1949

Library Club

A place for everything and everything in its place -- that’s Mepham’s library.

Under the leadership of Miss Shaver, and President Therese Tepe, Vice-president Elsie Lehner, and Secretary Virginia Clark, Library Club members give up time daily and one hour weekly after school to make our library a pleasant and orderly place.  Monthly teas and visits to New York City to see plays highlight their social activities.

In May a new group of girls were elected to replace the departing senior members. Cornelia Soper was elected as ‘49-’50 president.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Library Restoration

The school library was literally (in the original sense of the word) falling apart. Plaster was raining down on student's heads, paint was chipping, and we has only a few functioning blinds left. Thanks to our head custodian, Charlie Pennington and Jon Simpkins, Director of School Facilities & Operations, the Mepham High School Library got a much-needed face-lift this fall. Thanks to all those hard-working people who put the time into making our space beautiful once again.


Thursday, November 9, 2017


Here's another #tbt for Mepham's 80th Anniversary! This one is from the 1955 Treasure Chest (Mepham's yearbook). Can you imagine getting dismissed by tables in today's library? 

Library Club from the Treasure Chest, 1955
Library Club

“Round and first tables - second - third - fourth and last…”  Any student who has even been in the library has heard a Library Club member dismissing him in this manner.

Senior girls earned silver keys for serving one period every day and once a week after school.

Acting as officers were Diane Tietjen, president; Judy Harnick, vice-president and Sandy Kaye, secretary.

Thursday, November 2, 2017


Here's another #tbt for Mepham's 80th Anniversary! This one is from the 1960 Treasure Chest (Mepham's yearbook). This was the first year in Mepham history that Library Club members were awarded their M's. What's an 'M" you ask? "Boys and girls, large and small, strolling about the school with Varsity "M"-adorned jackets and sweaters have been the envy of the wide-eyed frosh. It always has been the desire of Mephamites to gain their "M's." If these letters were awarded indiscriminately, they would soon lose their value; therefore those students only, who have contributed to the school in some outstanding way, are awarded Varsity "M" letters." Explanation courtesy of the 1944 Treasure Chest.

Library Club from the Treasure Chest, 1960
Library Club 
Putting books away, dusting them, filing magazines and cards - these are but a few of the many tasks performed by the girls in Library Club. These girls, chosen on the basis of scholarship and the aptitude they displayed during their six-week apprenticeship in their sophomore year, are vital to our library's efficiency and pleasantness. 
Each girl is required to work six hours a week and when she accumulates 200 hours she is awarded the coveted silver key. Also, this was the first year Library Club members were awarded their well-deserved Varsity M's.
 Another addition to the library this year was Miss Cope. With Mrs. Oberbach and the 22 library members, no one is ever neglected upon entering the library. 

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Augmented Reality

You may have heard about virtual reality, but have you heard of augmented reality? According to Merriam-Webster, "augmented reality is an enhanced version of reality created by the use of technology to overlay digital information on an image of something being viewed through a device (such as a smartphone camera)."

Today in the library, Mrs. Gellerman had a little Halloween fun, coloring in this handout from QuiverVision. The Quiver App combines physical coloring from “back in the day” with state of the art augmented reality technology.
FREE QuiverVision Coloring Page 
With the advent of "adult coloring" books, coloring has seen a true resurrection in our school library. Teachers and students alike can put their own artistic spin on pages, and now with Quiver they "can bring their unique coloring creations to life in extraordinary 3D augmented reality."

Using colored pencils, Mrs. Gellerman fills in the pumpkins.
First, we stopped by the Quiver website to print out some free coloring sheets. Next, using colored pencils, Mrs. Gellerman, colored in the sheet above. We then downloaded the free Quiver-3D Coloring App. Finally, we scanned the coloring sheet and this is what happened!

You can take photographs and videos right inside the Quiver app. We had so much fun, and we know you will too! We have many more sheets in the library for you to use, like this cool Starbucks one below!
FREE QuiverVision Coloring Page 
The Quiver app is available on iOS, Android and Amazon.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Let's Stick Together

"Let's StickTogether is the fun, collaborative, community-building activity where participants 'StickTogether' by applying colored stickers to a large coded grid. Once all the stickers are attached, a vibrant mosaic is revealed."
Sticker wall
Make your way to Mepham's MakerSpace and place some stickers on our wall. Our StickTogether poster grid includes 3,996 colored stickers. These sticker mosaic puzzle posters are a fun and easy way to get everyone working together. Can you guess what the final image will be? We can keep a secret! 

Let's Stick Together is the library

Students placing stickers