Monday, June 3, 2013

Summer Reading is HOT, HOT, HOT!

We are pleased to present the W.C. Mepham Summer Reading Program 2013. 
Summer should be filled with joyful times, and we hope that reading will be an important part of your summer plans. Below is a required reading list from which you can select a book.  Students who are having difficulty choosing a book should ask their teachers, a librarian, or the English Department Chair for help.

Please note, each Regents and Honors level student entering grades 9-12 is required to read one of the books on the list.  All students will be assessed on their summer reading in September.  
Students entering English 2 Honors, Senior Experience, and Advanced Placement English courses have different requirements. They will read the books that are designated for their courses.  AP and Senior Experience students will also be given a writing assignment to complete over the summer. Enjoy the summer with a good book!

Incoming Ninth Grade (E1) - select one
Incoming Tenth Grade Honors (E2H) - required reading 

Incoming Tenth Grade (E2) - select one 
The Art of Racing in the Rain: A Novel  is not to be confused with Racing in the Rain: My Life as a Dog, which is a special adaptation for younger people.

Incoming Eleventh Grade Advanced Placement (11AP) - read both 
Incoming Eleventh Grade (E3) - select one