Wednesday, January 30, 2013

From the Buccaneer...Book Review

Republished from the December 2012 Buccaneer
Sam Schook
After reading the book, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith, I have to say I truly enjoyed it. It was on the reading list for 9th graders, and that was partially the reason for me reading it, as it probably was for many 9th graders. And for those of you who had chosen another book to read, and if you like classic-style written books or novels, this is a great book to read. Written in 1943, the story surrounds a girl named Francie Nolan. Consisting of five different 'books,' each of which centers around a different part in the family's life. It's a wonderful read that will entertain and surprise you with each different situation it brings up and with Francie’s wonderfully creative outlook on things her ability to surprise people who would have otherwise thought her incapable. It's a truly great story that will touch those who read it. This is definitely a good book for anyone who wants to enjoy an amazing read. The second book, I've read was that by John Green, called The Fault in Our Stars. Now, this books is much more modern than the last, but I have to say it is just as good if not better. It's all about a 16-year-old girl who is battling lung cancer. Now, as the teenage survivor Hazel Grace Lancaster states in this novel, you'd think this book to be about a cancer survivor who eventually overcomes the illness and starts their own cancer foundation. But, rather, it's about a girl who was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, that now affects her lungs and that forces her to carry around an oxygen tank and sleep with a larger version she calls Phillip that has a unique outlook on her situation. I absolutely adore this book, and love the way John Green wrote the character Hazel. Her sarcastic, and often humorous, outlook on her situation and to watch the reaction she has to certain things is extremely interesting and often would make me laugh. If you'd like and interesting, funny book to read, this might just be the perfect book to read.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Access Anywhere

Lots of our teachers here at Mepham High School use Engrade to posts their grades. Access Engrade from your iPad, iPhone, Android, or Google Apps account anytime anywhere. Get you username and password from your teacher, then download the app and you are good to go.

Monday, January 14, 2013

The First

Doris Moyle
The first librarian at Mepham High School was Doris Moyle. Here are a few fun facts: She received her B.S. from Columbia University. She served as the Director of Library Club. In 1936, before our current school was built she earned $1,500 - the lowest paid teacher in the district. In the 1943 Treasure Chest Yearbook, she is described as, "Naturally nice, nicely natural."  The description for Library Club the same year states, "Against the scenery of paneled walls, long drapes, and neatly shelved books, Miss Moyle, our Librarian, and her twenty library assistants file, shelve, and generally care for the more than 2,000 books which comprise Mepham's library." We now have over 10,000 books in the Mepham Library!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

NYS Archives Student Research Awards

"The New York State Archives announces its twenty-third annual Student Research Awards program to promote and recognize excellence in student research. The main purpose of the awards program is to encourage students to explore the wealth of historical records held in historical repositories in New York State. A secondary purpose is to increase cooperation between schools and organizations that administer historical records useful for education.

The award consists of a cash prize and certificate. It encourages students to explore the wealth of historical records found in archives, libraries, and other community organizations throughout New York State." For more information click here.