Monday, February 28, 2011

1942 Library Pass

This W.C. Mepham H.S. Library pass was recently found at a garage sale in Bellmore, NY by a friend of Ms. Sirof's (Thanks!). I've tried to track down the person whom it belonged to - M. Kleiberg to no avail. The pass is dated December 15, 1942. We have checked four yearbooks ('43, '44, '45 and '46) and no one by that name is listed. It remains a mystery. Are you a man or woman? Did you get married before high school ended and changed your last name? If anyone knows who this person is, please contact me at (516) 992-1532.

P.S. - Can you imagine a time in which you needed to have your library pass signed every time you entered? I would be signing passes all day long!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Black Friday or the Mepham Library?

This is the conversation that took place as I am opening the library doors this morning.

Student: Ms. Stack, do you ever feel like your opening the doors to a popular store on Black Friday?
Me: Yes, yes I do! (I'm thinking this is the best compliment I could have gotten from a student.)

When I began teaching here at Mepham High School five years ago I has one goal: turn the library into a place where kids want to be. The crowd of students outside my door every morning prove that we've met this goal... and then some. Our library is a place where students feel welcome, safe and encouraged to learn and explore their world. They have the freedom to express themselves through literature, music and images. I'm so happy that our students thrive in this type of environment and will continue to work hard to create opportunities for them to learn and create.
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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Girl Next Door

Author Selene Castrovilla visited Mepham High School and hosted a book talk, Q&A, and book signing. Over 50 students attended this ELITE event hosted by the NEHS and. We raffled off 10 copies of her books, The Girl Next Door and Saved by the Music, which she autographed. Past author visits have included former Mepham alumni Lee Krinsky, Robin Palmer, author of Cindy Ella and Geek Charming, Jen Calonita who wrote the very popular series, Secrets of My Hollywood Life, and Patrick Jones who has written many teen novels including, Things Change, which is on our ninth grade summer reading list.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Selene Castrovilla

Author Selene Castrovilla will be visiting Mepham High School on Tuesday, February 15th at 2:15 p.m. in the school library. This event is sponsored by the National English Honor Society. All students are welcome to attend.

From when Castrovilla could hold a pencil in her hand she knew that being an author is what she was destined to be. Castrovilla did not become successful overnight. She had to work hard and faced rejection. But she was so persistent and passionate about her work that she never gave up. Castrovilla writes about different genres such as historical fiction having to do with the Revolutionary War. But she loves to write about people and what really is in their hearts and what drives them. In Castrovilla’s most recent novel, The Girl Next Door, sixteen year old Samantha has been best friends with Jesse since she moved into the New York high-rise apartment next door. Jesse is the school's poster child for popularity: good-looking, a star athlete, even Romeo in the school play. On opening night he collapses on stage. That's when doctors discover the unthinkable: a tumor on his spine. His type of cancer is virtually incurable. The Girl Next Door addresses the universal question: In an unpredictable world, how can we possibly feel safe?

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Cupid in the Library

Back in its heyday the library club was one of the most prestigious after school activities at Mepham High School. They had monthly teas in the library where they would decorate the table with lace and centerpieces. On one particular Saint Valentine’s Day, “sixteen members of the Library Club were hostesses to the Norfolk, Virginia wrestlers, their over-night hosts and our own victorious team at a party given after the wresting match.” Of course Mr. Calhoun was chaperoning this event.

On another date, the Library Club presented a play entitled, “Non-fiction Party,” with the help of some of the boys of the student body, Sounds like we need to reinstate this club! Any takers?

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