Monday, October 22, 2007

William S. Christy Memorial Library

Many people are not aware that the Mepham High School Library is actually named the William S. Christy Memorial Library. There is a plaque in the library that reads, "William S. Christy Memorial Library - In grateful appreciation of his dedicated service to Central High School District No. 3." According to his granddaughter, Pat Christy '44, he was serving as the clerk of the board of education at the time of his death in November 1935 and was very involved with the planning and building of Mepham. He passed away just before the completion of the high school. The library was dedicated in his honor to recognize his community involvements and his many civic activities. Thank you Mr. Christy!

The first edition of The Buccaneer, our school's newspaper, on the very first page has an article entitled "Library Serves as Christy Memorial." Read it below.

"Library Serves As Christy Memorial." The Buccaneer [Bellmore] 14 Oct. 1937: 1.

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