Thursday, January 3, 2008

"Big" Alumnus

Dr. Michael B. Eisenberg, best known for developing the Big6™ information literacy model, as described in our last blog post, is also a Mepham alumnus! A graduate of the class of 1967, Dr. Eisenberg served as the layout editor of The Buccaneer, our school newspaper. He also served as a member of the repertory band, french club, and ski club. It certainly appears that he was destined for great things. I recently stumbled upon this information as I flipped through the pages of the Treasure Chest, our school's yearbook. This year Dr. Eisenberg has been selected to join the W.C. Mepham High School Who's Who Hall of Fame. Congratulations, Dr. Eisenberg. We are proud to call you one of our own!

Photo taken from the faculty directory at the University of Washington Information School

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Mike said...

Wow. I must admit - I rewrote this message about 5 times before hitting "publish." It's so hard not to write in cliches.

This award really brings back a flood of memories. I'll think about them and add more later. I certainly wasn't an "in-crowd" kid in high school. But, I did have a group of good friends. Regarding the library - it was pretty intimidating (big and foreboding). In my first year, so I only went there once. Later on, I became more comfortable.

As for this recognition, I've received a number of awards in my life. You kind of accumulate these as you get's not necessarily a good sign! ;-) But, this award from Mepham means a lot. I really do appreciate it and look forward to visiting in the Spring.

Best to all,

Mike Eisenberg
Seattle, WA