Monday, April 28, 2008


What's the 411 on text message lingo? Teens today are using a totally different language to communicate with their peers, parents, and teachers. It's about time we are all in the know. Teens, I need your help! Let's use this forum to post some of the more obscure slang you may use or read while using the Internet or text messaging.

TIA (Thanks in advance!)

Title translation: Oh, by the way thank you!


Kristin said...

These are a few texts that my friends and I use:
GGOH = Gotta Get Outta Here
g/f = Girlfriend
b/f = Boyfriend
DIKU = Do I Know You?
BRB = Be Right Back

Anthony said...

I've used these before -
BBL - Be Back Later
PLZ - Please
SYL - See You Later

Mike said...

TAFN means That's All For Now
GFN means Gone For Now
H&K means Hugs and Kisses
IC means I See

Lauren said...

These are texts that I use all the time...
IDK = I Don't Know

IM = Instant Message

JK = Just Kidding

and everybody knows LOL = Laugh Out Loud

ashley said...

Everybody might know what LOL means, but do you know what LTS means?

LTS = Laughing To Self


Ms. Stack said...

TTYL = Talk To You Later. It is even the title of a book by by Lauren Myracle.