Monday, April 20, 2009

Clickers in the Classroom

SMART's Senteo™ Interactive Response System has stormed our classrooms and both students and teachers are loving it—just ask Ms. McClenahan and Mr. Walsh. With the click of a button on these Senteo remotes, students can instantly tell teachers how much they know. Teachers can then use this insight to adapt their lessons based on students’ responses.

Teachers can:
  • develop interactive questions
  • gauge student knowledge with planned tests or informal questions
  • organize assessment results and track student performance
  • prepare simple or detailed assessment reports

Stop by the library to sign out a class set of 32 clickers, a receiver and assessment software that can be installed on your school or personal computer.


Mrs Julia Sabia Motley said...

Very Cool! Wonder if we can get these at Grand.

philidendron said...

curious how much a set of these costs?

Ms. Stack said...

A Senteo set of clickers is approx. $1,800.00.