Thursday, September 23, 2010

New Online Databases 2010-2011

All our databases can be found on the Mepham H.S.Website under the Library tab, click on Online Resources or go to this direct link The passwords and usernames for all our databases for 2010-2011 are in the school library. NOTE: Some of the interfaces have changed (most notably Gale Student Resource Center and Gale Opposing Viewpoints) so the format might look different on a few of these databases, but rest assured they continue to provide the same great information).
Bitstrips for Schools Bitstrips is groundbreaking web-based software that engages students in reading and writing using a medium they love – Comics! Our easy, fun and social tools empower any student to create amazing comics, and provides an exciting new way to teach your curriculum. Great for making political cartoons!
NOTE: In order to use this database Shari Stack needs to set up individual teacher accounts. Once you have an account, you will set up your class list and students will be given a unique classroom code and individual password to log in. If you are interested, please see Shari Stack.

Current Issues: Health (H. W. Wilson) From eating disorders to food safety, from alternative medicine to cloning, from euthanasia to travel and health. This is a resource to enrich your understanding of issues at the leading edge of health and medicine.

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