Friday, October 7, 2011

Have you seen me in the library?

QR codes are coming to Mepham Library! On the left is an image of a QR code. SCAN IT with a QR code reader and see where it takes you!

So what is a QR code? QR is an abbreviation for quick response, and it is a new technology sweeping the world. Just ask Japan. You might already have seen the familiar black square popping up on billboards, magazine ads, websites, business cards and even t-shirts!

We are even using it here in your school library. On some of our books you will notice they have a QR code attached to the front cover. A QR code allows you to connect to, and gain information from the online world by scanning the black box image with your smart phone, iphone or ipad equipped with a QR code reader app. When you scan the QR code on one of our books, it will take you to a book trailer. This will help you with your decision when choosing a book. Stop by your school library and try out this new technology with our QR books on display.

Prepared and Written by Michele Rudzewick

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