Monday, January 14, 2013

The First

Doris Moyle
The first librarian at Mepham High School was Doris Moyle. Here are a few fun facts: She received her B.S. from Columbia University. She served as the Director of Library Club. In 1936, before our current school was built she earned $1,500 - the lowest paid teacher in the district. In the 1943 Treasure Chest Yearbook, she is described as, "Naturally nice, nicely natural."  The description for Library Club the same year states, "Against the scenery of paneled walls, long drapes, and neatly shelved books, Miss Moyle, our Librarian, and her twenty library assistants file, shelve, and generally care for the more than 2,000 books which comprise Mepham's library." We now have over 10,000 books in the Mepham Library!

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