Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Spotlight On: Teachingbooks.net

Teachingbooks.net is a database that we subscribe to courtesy of the Nassau BOCES School Library System. Teachers can bring books and authors to life with online multimedia resources, including author interviews, lesson plans, book guides, vocabulary lists, book trailers, videos and audio.

"If you read fiction and nonfiction books in any discipline or setting, TeachingBooks.net's database of instructional materials will enliven your K–12 reading and library activities. TeachingBooks.net helps with your Common Core instructional shifts by:
  • Identifying exceptional and relevant books for your classroom,
  • Providing ready-to-use instructional materials for each text,
  • Exposing students to a range of text types, formats, and cultural perspectives,
  • Analyzing books with qualitative and quantitative text complexity measures.
This resource is worth a look by all our ELA faculty. It is password-protected, so come see Ms. Stack in the library for log in information.

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