Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Lunch & Learn

The Mepham Tech Mentors (Mr. Leacock, Ms. Stack and Ms. Tschan) recently started offering classes to our faculty on all things tech-related, such as SMART Boards, SMART Notebook, Google Drive, etc. The basic concept of the Lunch & Learn is to offer training to teachers during their lunch periods. We are all so pressed for time, with after school activities, extra-help, clubs, sports, ELITE and many other events. This is a way to bring professional development to the masses in a short period of time (40 minutes), crash-course style, during the school day. The plan is to offer one class a month, usually in Room 303, the Learning Center, or the library.
Image Source: Brittannica ImageQuest
But what about our students? Don't they want to be trained on technology too? You tell us. Take this poll and tell us what type of training you would like during the school day.

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