Thursday, October 23, 2014


Doceri for iPad
Mepham Math Teacher, Ms. McClenahan, has been using Doceri this year to flip her classroom. Ms. McClenahan teaches Geometry and Algebra 2/Trigonometry. She recently signed up for Edmodo and had all of her students join her online classroom. Tina is creating her own videos on her iPad that teach the content using Doceri. Next, she posts these videos to Edmodo and has the students view the content the night before for homework. Students take notes and identify any questions. Students can view the videos as many times as they like and until they understand the concept being taught. In class the next day, students answer each others questions, for a more student-centered environment. Students work at their own pace practicing examples. As a do-now, Ms. McClenahan posts polls (similar to exit cards or tickets) to see the level of understanding the students have and then she can adjust her lesson plans accordingly and go over the concepts that are stumping students. How to the students like it? THEY LOVE IT. In fact, Ms. McClenahan is getting a ton of positive feedback from students and parents alike.

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