Tuesday, January 20, 2015

How do I pick a good book?

Electronic database available at your public library.
Our local public libraries subscribe to NoveList, a database that answers the question, "What should I read next?" NoveList provides recommended reading lists based on audiance, subjects and genres. Users can perform a Quick Search for keyword, author, title, or series. User can then refine a search by audience, additional limiters (forthcoming, reviews available, and award winners), publication date, genre, story line, pace, tone, writing style, subject and/or location. Advanced search allows a user to search multiple options including: Title, Author, ISBN, Publisher, Series, Other Title, Contents, Subject, Genre, Appeal Factors, Publication Year, Dewey Number, and Review. You can also narrow down your search further by Lexile score or range, audience, grade level, number of pages, author’s gender, author's nationality, author's cultural identity, awards, Dewey range, and available reviews.

NoveList provides links to reviews via Goodreads and displays library holdings for the titles via ALISCAT (a catalog of public libraries in Nassau County). Did you know that through interlibrary loan (ILL) you can have almost any book from any library in Nassau County sent to your home library? The process to request a book is simple (any library clerk or librarian can help you) and it usually only takes a few days before you have the book in your hands. You can then return that book to your home library. This is just one of the many great services available at your public library.

To use NoveList and ILL you do need a valid library card.

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