Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Voice: Poetry Slam Style

The Voice Poetry Slam Competition will take place Monday, May 18th during periods 8 and 9 in the auditorium. Share your love of the spoken word!

Round 1: Blind Live Auditions - Students will recite their original poem for the judges/coaches during the Blind Live Auditions and they will turn around to choose competitors to be on their teams. Each participant will be placed on a team.

Round 2: Battle Round - Students will form teams, led by each judge. As a team, the students and judge will review the second (themed) poem - "The Letter Never Delivered" - submitted by each student and choose one team member to represent the team with their themed poem. The representatives from each team will “battle” by reciting their themed poems to see who is the best slam poet.

*Students in audience vote at the end.  Winners will be chosen based on audience voting.

Update: Photos below from the event. 
So proud of all the competitors!
Original, creative poems performed! 
Outstanding recitations!
Team Malone wins!

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