Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Welcome Back Pirates!

Mepham's new MakerSpace debuts this year.
Ahoy mateys! We want to extend a very warm Pirate welcome to our new ninth grade students, the Class of 2019! We've been swabbing the deck in the Mepham Library preparing for a fine 2015-2016 school year!

Sail ho! Mepham's MakerSpace is about to debut this year! A MakerSpace is a DIY creation place for a students and faculty to gather, to build, to invent, and to learn. Students and faculty will have access to littleBits3Doodler, a button maker, Cricut Explore, modeling clay, building materials and more. Our Mepham MakerSpace was made possible thanks to two mini-grants (Bellmore-Merrick Central High School District and Long Island School Media Association). 

Shiver me timbers! Have you seen the new layout of our school library? If me hearties are having trouble navigating the waters just ask your cap'n (the librarian!) for help! We'll show you around the ol' poopdeck. The classroom side of the library is currently transitioning into our new Mac lab.
Classroom side of library
The main seating of the library now contains more tables (taken from the classroom side) and houses our Chromebooks. This side, when not being used for classes, is free to be used by students. 
Main seating area side of library
We heard you pirates! Our 17 desktop computers in the reference section are now solely for student use during free periods and lunch. No classes will be allowed to reserve this space. It is just for you!    
Reference section of library
These desktop computers are reserved for student use. 
Something missing arrrrrr? We took out our old photocopy machine. Students can scan in their hard copy document(s) and turn them into PDFs and send the document(s) directly via email or to their My Documents folder via the Black and White Lexmark Scanner and Printer instead. 

Yo-ho-ho! Are you following the school on Twitter? You should be. We are @MephamHS!

Have a great year Mepham Pirates! 

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