Thursday, March 23, 2017


From the makers of SMART comes SMART amp, an online collaborative learning software platform that enables students to create and collaborate on a digital canvas, anywhere, anytime. There are 3 ways it works, you can:
  1. Add a class: Add a new class or import classes from Google Classroom.
  2. Join a class: Join a class by entering the class code that your teacher provided. After your teacher finishes creating or editing the class, you can select it above.
  3. Go to workspaces: Work without connecting to a class but with access to your Google Drive and workspaces.
3 different options to use SMART amp.
From the Chrome Web Store: "A collaborative workspace where you can share and work on a variety of lesson content. SMART amp brings the whole class, groups of students or individuals together in a shared space to work on projects, add multimedia content and instant message. This is all done using student devices and while tracking contributions from each student, so educators have insight into who is contributing what.
Selection of templates to choose from. 
  • Leverages Google Apps for Education to take co-creation, collaboration and student-led learning to a whole new level. 
  • Switch from whole class, individual, small-group learning activities without wasting class time.
  • Assess and guide students, without having to interrupt learning.
  • Contribute to the workspace from anywhere, at anytime. 
  • Ideal for Chromebooks, and any other student device or interactive display.
  • Integration, including class lists, with Google Classroom.
  • Import Notebook lessons, view in full screen and interact with content.
  • Easily see the contributions made by each student during group work.
  • Take over the workspace at any time to demonstrate and describe work to students."
SMART amp workspace.

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