Friday, January 9, 2009

We are a Google Apps School!

This September every student at W.C. Mepham High School was given an email address from the Bellmore-Merrick Central High School District that is powered by Google, where email is more intuitive, efficient, and useful. This new email address was part of the Google Apps Education Edition. So what is Google Apps Education Edition?

At W.C. Mepham High School, our students have access to the following:
  • Email account ( powered by Google - 7 GB of space
  • Google Docs — Students can share documents, spreadsheets and presentations online without the inconvenience of attachments
  • Google Sites — Student groups, classes or teams can create Websites quickly to share documents, videos, calendars, charts and other information all in one place
  • Google Calendar — Share personal, class schedules calendars

The best part of Google Apps is that these tools are available to our students anytime - anywhere there is an Internet accessible computer. Everyone can work together seamlessly and easily.

Students can use Google Apps to:

  • Keep organized with Google Calendar
  • Collaborate with classmates on a Webpage using Google Sites
  • Make a group or individual presentation with Google Docs


Anonymous said...

is igoogle available for students too?

Move Foreward said...


We setup Google Apps through the school library in Jan 2008. It has been a very successful.

Contact me if you want to collaborate on your experience with Google Apps.