Friday, February 18, 2011

Black Friday or the Mepham Library?

This is the conversation that took place as I am opening the library doors this morning.

Student: Ms. Stack, do you ever feel like your opening the doors to a popular store on Black Friday?
Me: Yes, yes I do! (I'm thinking this is the best compliment I could have gotten from a student.)

When I began teaching here at Mepham High School five years ago I has one goal: turn the library into a place where kids want to be. The crowd of students outside my door every morning prove that we've met this goal... and then some. Our library is a place where students feel welcome, safe and encouraged to learn and explore their world. They have the freedom to express themselves through literature, music and images. I'm so happy that our students thrive in this type of environment and will continue to work hard to create opportunities for them to learn and create.
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