Monday, February 28, 2011

1942 Library Pass

This W.C. Mepham H.S. Library pass was recently found at a garage sale in Bellmore, NY by a friend of Ms. Sirof's (Thanks!). I've tried to track down the person whom it belonged to - M. Kleiberg to no avail. The pass is dated December 15, 1942. We have checked four yearbooks ('43, '44, '45 and '46) and no one by that name is listed. It remains a mystery. Are you a man or woman? Did you get married before high school ended and changed your last name? If anyone knows who this person is, please contact me at (516) 992-1532.

P.S. - Can you imagine a time in which you needed to have your library pass signed every time you entered? I would be signing passes all day long!

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