Friday, October 4, 2013

Pinterest for Educators

EduClipper was created by Adam Bellow, a former teacher and son of a high-school librarian (Mepham's own Amy Bellow!) who now works as a K–12 technology consultant. EduClipper is a free online tool, launched this spring designed to be the best place to explore, share and contribute educational content for teaching and learning, according to their Website.
If you are familiar with online curation tools like Pinterest, you'll see a similiar interface with EduClipper.

According to a recent article in School Library Journal, " EduClipper is tailor-made for K–12. EduClipper launched to the public in May and is now used in more than 450 classrooms."

Users can comment on sources in a description area provided within eduClipper.

School Library Journal, states that "while you can discover other eduClips and reClip them (this is similar to retweeting on Twitter or repinning on Pinterest), the site also offers collaborative clipboards where groups can add items to a shared space." This feature would be great for collaborative teachers, departments and subject area teachers.

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