Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Alternative to Apple TV?

“Have you ever wanted to see your iPhone or iPad on a larger screen? Play games, watch movies, demo apps or present to your computer from your iPhone or iPad?” During a recent training, the instructor wanted to mirror her iPad to the SMART Board and while the room we were in had wifi, we did not have Apple TV. She had an excellent alternative – Reflector. A relatively cheap app at just $12.99, Reflector “wirelessly receives and displays any device(s) that connect and mirror to it. Under the hood, Reflector works much like an Apple TV, so there's nothing to setup.” AirPlay mirroring is built in to the device, so there is nothing extra that you need to buy. A list of compatible devices can be found here. I've seen it in use and it works seamlessly in our classroom environment.  

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