Friday, November 4, 2016

Campaign Buttons

Students use the button maker in Mepham's MakerSpace
Every semester the students in Participation in Government run a campaign for President. Broken down into teams of 4-5 students, they learn about the topics facing our nation including national debt, education, social policy, foreign policy, and so much more. They debate these topics in round table discussions, town hall meetings, and debate-style forums. In years past, students have been required to make a campaign commercial and posters/flyers. This year students had the opportunity to create their very own button, which is a time-honored tradition in campaigning. The students created these buttons with a button maker in Mepham's MakerSpace during class time. This is our way of demonstrating that making can take part in learning, not a part from learning. Go pirates and may the best candidate win!

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